Each seminar will deal with the different issues outlined at all levels of our being. Not only involving our physical body, but also the energetic bonds related to other parts of ourselves (emotions, mind and spirit), so that we are able to generate harmony and balance at a holistic and comprehensive level.

Our courses offer hands-on practical cooking in small supervised groups. Theory, discussions, individual and group processes involving different techniques to help participants learn how to feel and experiment with the world of ENERGY and VIBRATION.



  • our body’s needs-why,what, how and how much.
  • The modern way of eating and its effects.
  • Why there’s a variety of diets?
  • the right way towards a healthier eating style.
  • Transitional steps;changing for the better.
  • Reoganizing your kitcheb.Equipment,tools and ingredients.
  • Breakfasts-starting a new day with harminy & vitality.
  • Cooking with whole-grain cereals.
  • The benefits of vegerable protein & how to use it.
  • Sea vegerables and their properties.


  • cooking land vegerables.
  • How to use variety of cutting and cooking styles toobtain different effects & energies.
  • The art of fermentation.Home.made.
  • Quick & Easy.
  • Techniques for saving time in the kitchen.
  • Cooking for singles.
  • Sandwiches with vegetable protein.
  • simple and nutritious snacks and treats.


  • Quick, healthy and delicious desserts for the whole family.
  • Basic introduction to the energetics of food.
  • Balanced menu planning for daily use. Theory and Practice.
  • Cooking to fulfil your personal and energetic needs.
  • Understanding your constitution and heredity.
  • Transforming your condition and inner climete.
  • How we equilibrate ourselves in each season: spring, summer, autumn; winter.


  • Study of food energetics.
  • study of the enerfetics involved in the cooking styles.
  • Unbalanced eating, cravings and their reasons.
  • The food combinations.
  • Detailed studu and demostration of Yin/Yang in the kitchen.
  • Making use and recycling waste food.
  • the use and balance of oil.


  • Cooking for the whole family.
  • Cooking for women: how to regenerate famale energy.
  • Cooking for men: how to regenerate male energy.
  • Obesity and slimness.
  • Balance and maintenance of our natural weight.
  • Home-made Seitan.


  • Connection between food and emotions.
  • Exercises and practical processes to understand the energetic bonds between body, mind, emotions and food.
  • Discovering what we need.
  • Accepting what we desire. Finding the middle point.
  • The shortages or energetic messages.
  • Our inner world and its outer reflection.


the alchemy un the kitchen
Creating health and life with different effects and energies
(Seminar based on the book with the same title)

  • restrengthening and remineralizing.
  • Nourishing.
  • Generating internal heat.
  • The sweetness in the kitchen.
  • Depurating
  • cooling.
  • Activating.
  • Relaxing.


  • Adjustment diseases,their energetic understanding and therapeutic balance.
  • eating awareness as the way towards self-knowing,harmony and INNER PEACE.
  • STRESS and food. How we generate stress.
  • Acidity and the alkalinity in our diets.
  • Therapeutic preparations: drinks, seasonings, cleaning and discharge meals, esternal applications.
  • FEstive demostrative cuisine.


Course objectives

  • The main motivation is to help each student explore their own life in terms of food, its effects and how it relates to every part of our being.
  • During the classes a new nutritional key perspective will be revealed. The understanding of the energetic basis of food and cooking styles, give us the freedom to choose what we desire at each moment, without intellectual attachments or strict diets. We can play in our kitchen, being flexible, becoming aware each day of how we feel, and change according to what we need.
  • Throughout the course body, mind, emotions and spirit are integrated. Therefore, by exploring each level of our being, we can find out which points of our being have developed a blockage some kind of block which, in turn, may have caused a health problem, disharmony or low vitality.
  • As a nutritional counsellor, healer and experienced emotional therapist, Montse´s main purpose is to reveal a way to integrate all aspects of each person to allow the vital energy to flow.
  • The courses offer hands-on practical cooking classes at a group level, helping participants to explore the path of integration and balance within their lives, allowing them to be more aware about the connection between body, mind and emotions.
  • Montse´s courses are aimed at opening a deeper conscience within ourselves, therefore promoting a new sensation of freedom regarding our capacity to guide us towards a way of life for improved health, harmony and inner peace.

Change is part of life. Being able to change gives us vitality and strength to keep on going. Remaining stuck holds us and ties us down, thus depriving us from joy and the will to live.

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