Montse Bradford is offering for the first time in Barcelona, an English speaking course. This is a unique opportunity for people living in town, or around the world wanting to visit this wonderful artistic and historic city.

The course is taught by Montse & Associate Teachers of the school who all have a wealth of experience and knowledge between them. It will not only cover healthy recipes, but also slowly unfolding a comprehensive study of the energetics of food, the healing power of cooking and the transformative qualities of a natural life style.

There will be hands-on practical cooking in small supervised groups. Theory, discussions, individual and group processes involving different techniques, helping participants to learn how to create health & well-being for mind & body and to experience the dynamic flow of energy within us and in life.

This intensive weekend will provide you with the foundation and the basic understanding about the healing power and energetics in food, thus affecting mind, body, and emotions.


  • The 7 levels of Cooking
  • Our body’s needs: Why, what, how and how much
  • The modern way of eating and its effects
  • The move towards a healthier way of eating
  • Transitional steps: Changing for the better
  • The inner journey of digestion: achieving its maximum potential
  • Creating good quality blood
  • Activating our body’s natural ability to detoxify
  • Breakfast: start a day with harmony and vitality
  • Introduction to the Energetics of our daily foods
  • Simple menu planning for daily use: theory & practice
  • Mastering the art of daily balance
  • Cooking for individual energetic needs
  • Learn about your  Constitution
  • Self-diagnosis:  its practical application in daily cooking
  • The wheel of life: our needs at different stages of life
  • Reclaiming your  natural weight: general guidelines to achieve it
  • Seasonal cooking:  how to achieve balance in each season
  • Quick cooking for busy people


VENUE: In Barcelona (next to Pza. Cataluña)

TIMETABLE: June  2016


For bookings / further enquiries please contact:

E-mail: For bookings/further enquiries, using the email subject ´MBB´ please contact;

Phone number: Emma 622 698 673