Montse Bradford Bort, born in Barcelona and established in England from 1978 to 2006, has been developing her professional career as a pioneer in the energetic field of integral health all around Europe.

Her work combines teaching and writing about natural nutrition, life energetics and holistic health.

She works as a therapist in transpersonal psychology, vibrational healing, and natural nutrition, running training courses, conferences and lectures throughout Spain, Europe and South America.

Since an early age she developed an interest surrounding health and inner harmony. Her path progressed over many years of learning through  life experiences whilst living in various countries and studying with distinguished professors from the fields of energetic nutrition and holistic healing.

A true enthusiast in the fields of innovation and exploration, she is known to combine these disciplines to offer unique seminars that convey the power of self-transformation and integral health.

She was awarded the PREMIO VERDE 2008 (Green Award 2008) by the José Navarro Foundation©, in recognition of her dedication towards responsible food practices and sustainable development.

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