Food and emotions

FOOD AND EMOTIONS (La Alimentación y las Emociones)

Are you conscious of what you eat? Do you know that all food contains energy that can affect and create how you feel?
All foods create a specific vibrational effect within us.

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alimentacion natural NUEVA 2013

NATURAL AND ENERGETIC NUTRITION (La Alimentación Natural y Energética)

This is an original collection of recipes, philosophy and natural lifestyle guidance, to help us follow the path of self-conscience and achieve health and happiness within our lives.

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Vegetables from the sea

SEA VEGETABLES (Algas, Las Verduras del Mar)

Enjoy simple and delicious meals made with sea vegetables. A book filled with traditional recipes and easy tricks for beginners, illustrated in full colour pictures to make your mouth water.

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Vegetable proteins

VEGETABLE PROTEINS (Las Proteínas vegetales)

Clear details and recipes for all types of vegetable protein: legumes, tofu, tempeh, seitan, seeds and nuts.
This book gives way to a wonderful understanding of our protein needs.

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